I came home from the office on a Thursday to find we had no internet service. “Husband, we have no WIFI!” I said. He replied, “let me reset it again!” Still no result.  Husband: “there is a box in the bedroom, let me try that.” Still no success. We managed to live through an evening without internet.

Friday morning, I receive a text from husband that Shaw is mailing us a new modem.  Our existing one is broken and can’t be fixed.  We will have it sometime next week!  Now what?

My usual weekend is spent catching up on my business work, bookkeeping and financials. How could I spend two whole days with only my phone for internet? Everyone asks me what my interests outside of the office are. I will say that for the last nine years, I have lived and breathed my business. It’s hard to believe that it has been nine years since I found an ad on Craigslist under businesses for sale, for a bookkeeping and tax business.

A trip down memory lane: how we came to Victoria

My husband and I met working for a chartered accounting firm in Lindsay, Ontario. Since those days we have continued to work in the accounting world but not in a firm. Husband took the route of becoming a professional accountant in the public sector and I went into the world of property management. First as a controller, then property manager and when moving to B.C, became a licensed property manager and broker.

This business could not have come to us at a better time. I was in transition and had always wanted to own my own business. Through this ad, we met the most supportive people we could ask for. Reid and Virginia Wallberg had owned the business, Security House Accounting Services, for over 30 years. They ran it from their home in Brentwood Bay. I have remarked many times that I think we had been waiting for each other: them to sell to someone who would look after their clients, and me who wanted to establish a customer service focused business.

With their blessing, we moved the business to a tiny office on Shamrock Street in Victoria. That first month was scary. I sat there with a phone, computer and files I knew very little about. Every time the phone rang, I shook. We were about to embark on a tax season where Reid had usually provided pick-up and drop off for his personal tax clients. So, as calls came in, I would add them to the list and then with the help of Google Maps, plan my route for the next day picking up and dropping off completed returns.  The best part was, I had only lived in Victoria for a couple of years at this point. Thank goodness for GPS in my car. To this day when we are driving around, my husband still asks how I know about some roads!  It was an education for sure.

We survived that first tax season preparing 500 personal tax returns. My husband would leave his work at the end of his workday, would pick up dinner and meet me at the office and together we would process the returns I had picked up that day.  Let me tell you by the end of April, we were plenty tired of take out! But so proud of ourselves that we made it through.

It’s been an amazing experience!

From those humble beginnings on Shamrock Street to now with our office on Hillside Ave, we have grown. We now work with a team of ten (see us on the website). For a while my son Chris worked in the business but last year embarked on a new venture with his business partner Carmen to create a different type of bookkeeping business. We are so very proud of what they are accomplishing.

So back to the issue at hand, how does one cope with no internet? Well, we put up our Christmas decorations. Most years we go to Winnipeg to our daughters to celebrate the holidays. COVID-19 has put a stop to travel for us. After many years in storage, we dug out the tree, trimmings and other goodies we had forgotten we had. I got out the recipe books and found a recipe for apple cake with a yummy cinnamon topping. Christmas shopping has been finished and ready to be packed up and sent in the mail to Winnipeg and to family in Ontario. Our Chief Cuddle Officer, Ricki, had many walks and a lot more attention.

So, for those that are wondering, you can survive life without the internet! In fact, you may even enjoy the gift of being present a lot more.

Talk to us about how we can give you the gift of being present by helping you manage your finances.


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