Well, 2020 was one heck of a year. Who would have thought when we were sipping mimosas on January 1st, 2020, the world as we knew it would tilt and a pandemic would land squarely at our feet? The pandemic caused many of us in the accounting world to learn many new acronyms to support our small business clients; TWS, CEWS, CEBA and CERS. We spent many hours learning about these programs as quickly as the government announced them, then relaying information to our clients.

Our professional organization, CPB Canada (#bookkeerpersrock) started Talk Tuesday where we could bring our questions and with a hive mind, come up with solutions to burning questions.  It also allowed us to commiserate with each other.

With all this in the rearview mirror, how do we move forward with 2021?

Let’s start with “what did we learn most from 2020?”

I think we all learned we are incredibly resilient. As the speaker at our CPB Canada’s Ignite 2020 Conference said, “we can do hard things.” It is within us all to reach down into our boots and find the extra little oomph to get us back on track. A huge thank you to Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe for being our inspirational keynote speaker. Our 400 attendees slid back from their desks that morning all saying WOW!

By nature, I am an introvert and love the quiet of family time. That said, the thing I found most frustrating was not being able to meet up with colleagues and friends.  Shortly after our shutdown started, I went home and said to husband, “I really want to go to a bar and have a drink.” This is so unlike me. But knowing I could not do it, made me want too even more! For those that are extroverts, my heart goes out to you!

Who knew the phrase for 2020 would be “you are muted”?  How many of us had to learn the intricacies of Zoom and ensuring the background worked for the meeting you were in, or the kids and pets were entertained and not part of the meetings? Who thought to buy shares in Zoom? We would all be a little wealthier for that. Working virtually has been the norm in our industry for several years. At Freedom Accounting Inc., we just pushed it out a little further.  Our group uses Office 365 Teams to keep collaboration going or for just having a visit.  Both our April 30th after tax party and our holiday party were held on Zoom. Thanks to our ecofriendly courier company, Geazone, a goodie bag was delivered directly to each Team members home to enjoy together while online.

I believe all businesses will be reconsidering how they do work in the future. 

I know we are.  We recently welcomed Brian Neill to our tax team.  Brian resides in Ottawa.  I am trying to entice him to come to Victoria with the sounds of lawn mowers instead of snow blowers at this time of year!

For 2021 our family created a word of the year. That word is healthy. This will be the year we will work on getting healthier both physically and mentally. 2020 spurred the use of online delivery services.   Great for keeping restaurants busy, but not so for our waistlines, making it way too easy to order in food! This is the year to add the Fitbit and get out and walk. I have found a path close to our home that has a lovely walking trail. Our Chief Cuddle Officer and I are out exploring this new area.  If only the rain would stop!

I am a firm believer in lists.

I think you can find a blog post on our website about my list fetish. My lists extend to planning for this upcoming year. This January 1, 2021, husband and I sat down and made some goals for the year. We broke them down between health, wealth, house, and family. As we are both business gurus, we called it our strategic planning day. We created a road map for the year ahead. Without writing things down, how do we know what we have accomplished? We will be revisiting our goals for 2021 several times during the year to ensure we are still on the path to achieving our plan.

What will inspire you? What will challenge you? What adversity of the past year will you overcome? Let us look at 2020 and value it for the challenge it was. Let us draw on what we have learned and accomplished during our struggles. Let us set the stage for a brilliant 2021.

We can all do hard things, but we do not have to do them alone. If you need help with your business or taxes, reach out. Our Team is here to give you the freedom to accomplish great things while we take care of the paperwork accurately, on time, and at competitive rates.

Give us your books – take back your life! ®



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