Bookkeeping is a vital part of any business, but it can be easy to push aside for more immediate priorities. Customer orders to fill. Clients to meet. Inventory to order. These are things that must be done to keep your business running. Bookkeeping is easy to push to the side. However, delays in keeping your bookkeeping current could end up costing you. Without up-to-date records, Goods and Services Tax (GST) or Provincial Sales Tax (PST) can not be accurately filed.  Payroll comes with monthly deadlines for source deductions and annual deadlines for T4s and Worksafe BC.

Information is key to running a successful business.

How is your business performing? Are you making money? Was that digital marketing campaign successful? How much are you spending on shipping? Having up to date books will give you the comfort of knowing how your business is doing throughout the whole year.

Business owners need to interview Bookkeepers to find a fit for their organization.  Some Owners are comfortable with a stand-alone bookkeeper.  If this is case, please ensure you are confident with their back-up plan should they become ill or unable to complete your work.  I decided many years ago, that I wanted my clients to have access to information whether I was there or not.  We have a Team of experienced Bookkeepers and an admin Team that support our growing client list.

Part of our back-up plan is using a remote server with many layers of backups.  Our Client information is safe and secure.  We have added a Supervisor, Bookkeeping Services.  There position is quality control, to ensure all information is processed using our checklists.  This person is also the backup should your assigned bookkeeper be away.

Our Bookkeepers receive regular training on payroll information, this past year’s government response to COVID-19 related programs, and new software developments.  Our weekly Team meetings allow time for ongoing discussion on situations that have arisen so all can learn.  Check out Facebook and LinkedIn pages to meet our Team and their profiles that are being posted!

We work with a client management system that stores due dates, contact info, software used and how our clients want to be communicated with.  Our first go-to is email.  This allows us to send detailed information to a client with secure attachments using ShareFile.  Some clients prefer a phone call.  We want to ensure the method we are using is what makes sense to the client.  When clients reach out to us, they should be receiving a response within a half day.  Our Bookkeeping Team schedule time at the beginning and middle of the day to respond to email.  This leaves the balance of the day to be productive with client files.

Understanding your financial position is directly affected by how accurately you keep your books.

Many people do not understand how bookkeeping can impact their company’s growth and how hiring a bookkeeper can be a way for them to save money and enhance their businesses. Small businesses and freelancers need the stability of a sound financial plan to help them sustain their activities. Hiring a bookkeeper will greatly contribute to that.

When hiring a bookkeeper, look for the experience a Certified Professional Bookkeeper (CPB) can provide.  CPB’s are certified members of CPB Canada, Canada’s leading certifying body in Canada.  The members have taken a national exam to prove their skills and knowledge and then require 20 Professional Development Units annually.  CPB Canada has a Code of Ethics and requires all its members to live up to it.

When I started out in this business nine years ago, I had a mountain of experience but nothing to differentiate me from someone who had just become certified in software.  It was then I found CPB Canada.  I believe so much in our organization, and our members, that I volunteered and have continued to volunteer for nine years.  This year will have me retire from the Board as Chair of the organization.

Are you ready to talk about your bookkeeping needs?  Take our interactive survey on our website to let us know what you are needing.  Our Admin Team will reach out to schedule a meeting so we can determine the best course of action for your business needs.

Give us your books – take back your life! ®

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